Dr. Shay Gavra

Dentist - D.M.D. "The Esthetics at the Edge of the Smile"
חירום: 052-2432394
גברא שי ד''ר

Dental medicine free from anxiety or fear, with a smile and personalized attention, emphasizing esthetics, and gentle, painless treatment. Occlusal adjustment and stem-cell preservation.



Dentophobia - Dental Fear and Anxiety. Our clinic offers a different approach, and solutions.
Most people have negative feelings about visiting the dentist, due to:

  • Loss of control
  • Pain during treatment
  • The anesthetic injection
  • Post-treatment numbness
  • Post-operative pain
  • Fear of the unknown
About 10% of patients suffer from dentophobia - an insurmountable fear of dentists, that leads to endlessly postponing appointments and treatments.


  • Giving "eye level" explanations and information
  • Soothing the patient physically and mentally
  • Giving the patient a degree of control
  • Preventing pain from the anesthetic injection
  • Preventing pain during treatment
  • Post-treatment massage of the treated area
  • Post-treatment explanations and reassurance
All these you will receive in our clinic. Then the "worst of all" becomes "not so bad" and sometimes even pleasant!!!


Private clinic versus health-fund clinic
  • Availability of appointments (no need to wait 3-4 weeks for an appointment).
  • Late working hours (the health funds end their day between 19:00 and 20:00.
  • Personal attention (contrary to the health funds, which operate like assembly lines for fillings and crowns, treatment is personal, with a smile, and a full explanations of the condition of the mouth and possible solutions).
  • Direct communication
  • A diversity of high-grade materials
  • Meticulous sterilization
  • Short waits for appointments
  • Follow-up by your own dentist
  • Pleasant atmosphere


A smile costs nothing, but its value is high
  • It enriches the receiver and does not impoverish the giver.
  • No person is so strong that he can exist without it.
  • No person is so rich that a smile can add nothing for him.
  • Moreover, it cannot be bought for money, extracted by cunning or obtained by theft, as it has no value unless it appears spontaneously and naturally.
  • Some people are too tired to be able to smile at you. Then - smile at them, since nobody needs a smile like someone who is unable to smile at you.
Let your smile change the world.
Let Dr. Shay make your smile more beautiful and more glowing.

Dr. Shay: Shalom. I am pleased to meet you.
My name is Dr. Shay, and I am a dentist.
I graduated from the Hebrew University, Hadassah, Jerusalem,
and have been practicing dentistry since 1992,
I work carefully and gently, as painlessly as possible,
and ensure that my patients understand my explanations.

In my clinic I perform all aspects of dental work:
Esthetics: tooth-colored composite fillings, zirconia crowns,
laminates, micro abrasion for stain removal,
whitening discolored teeth, root-canal therapy, and implants.
I practice pediatric dentistry (from age six onwards),
and of course, I also treat adults and the elderly.
I especially help dentophobics overcome their fear of dentists!

Patient: After being treated by many different dentists,
I came to Dr. Shay's clinic,
Here I found a reliable, professional dentist,
With a warm approach,
Who listens to his patient's concerns, and,
What I think is most important -
The treatment was completely painless.
For me - that made all the difference.
Dr. Shay: Contact us.
We shall help you improve your smile -
And all the rest.